Resident Evil 6: The Good, The Bad & The Boring

Gamer Euphoria staffs member Sean writes:

''The Resident Evil 6 demo is a strange beast. Split into three segments, each with their own ‘feeling’, the demo feels like a patchwork quilt of sorts. It’s clear Capcom have listened to the fans when it comes to the criticisms surrounding Resident Evil 5. The problem is, in doing so things have become a little messy.''

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iMaim2254d ago

this article is pretty old.
it was originally written in july.

Linko642254d ago

The demo came out on public release today, it's still relevant. At least i would say so, given there is no difference between the demos.

jetlian2253d ago

the demo from today is way better than the one from july

TheMutator2253d ago

Both demo are boriiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!! bad aiming , poor mediocre cover system , stupid AI. wtf capcom this is a downgrade to the series!!!

pyramid2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Thats exactly how i felt myself.

abzdine2253d ago

the Good is that i'm not buying it
the Bad is there is no Good
the boring is the whole game.