Gamestop Already Preparing for Wii U Launch

Although we are 2 months out from the North American release of Nintendo's next home console Wii U, Gamestop is already clearing shelf space for the highly sought after system.

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The_Infected1829d ago

The sign doesn't match up perfect. Good job GameStop! Jk we have like 60 slow days to go before our preorders come in. Long wait but worth it.

playlikemario1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

my gamestop at the mall here in Tampa Florida is prepared for the launch of the Wii U. the shelves have been cleared and they have the box art and displays for the launch games that are coming out with the Wii U. this waiting patiently thing sucks i just want my Wii U.

GhostHero3331828d ago

Cant wait. I need more gameplay from black ops and zombiu to see if i am going to get them for sure.

stuntman_mike1828d ago

my local GAME store are preparing by chucking a 47'inch plasma tv through the window of the local planning office...Good time's!

Ilovetheps41828d ago

November 18th can't come fast enough. Still have to decide what game to buy with my Wii U though.

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