The Wii U Could Make Or Break Nintendo This Holiday Season

After posting their first annual loss ever earlier this year, it’s questionable whether Nintendo would survive a poor Wii U run, especially given the towering competition of Microsoft and Sony. To put it lightly: Nintendo need the Wii U to be a hit.

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1upgamer992280d ago

Pre-orders are sold out.. I am not too worried about Nintendo going under....SONY is the one that has been bleeding money for years.

EPIKgamer2280d ago

Especially since Nintendo has enough money to fail like 3 consoles in a row, I don't think they are going anywhere.

live2play2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

(a little about me, huge nintendo fanboy)
pre orders selling out does not necessarily point out to a major succes
it could be all the die-hards (like me) rush out and buy it, but no one else(casuals) will

sony has other divisions even movie studios (heck they have spidey and that guy rakes in the cash) so if they bleed money they can make it up in other areas

nintendo only has games
(i wish they had a theme park!)

...wait why'd you even bring sony into this?

1upgamer992279d ago

I only brought Sony up because the article made it seem like Nintendo had been losing money for years and years...I am not arguing with you at all (I love my PS3) Sony is not just losing money on the consoles, but almost all electronics. So much so the main share holders are fed much so they stated that Sony's Management are pure failures...I wish I had the article to post for you, but it was back in April...Nintendo had a bad start to the year, but are on the right track now.

morkendo232280d ago Show
mike1up2280d ago

Make money.

Break records.

GreenRanger2279d ago

Oh that's right, if something isn't the best thing ever, it's the worst thing ever. /s

Paulh822279d ago

didnt say that at any point so really . . . ?

ZoyosJD2279d ago

"make or break"


This article is completely counter intuitive.

"The Wii U will make or break Nintendo this holiday."

"It will do fine this holiday, but 2013 and beyond will define it."