Xboxer360 - Preview: Forza Horizon

Ben of Xboxer360 writes, “When Forza flashed passed a speed camera straight onto the Xbox it quickly became one of the most highly regarded racing simulators out there, with its extensive list of cars, features, game modes and its amazing graphics giving even Gran Turismo a serious run for its money. Now into its fifth iteration, we come to Forza: Horizon which this time around is being developed by UK studio Playground Games who are better known for creating both the GRID and DiRT series of titles, perhaps an odd mix leaving a studio better known for arcade style titles in charge of your next racing sim?"

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Quisp2040d ago

Well thats a shame if it in deed is a departure from its Sims root, and leaning more towards an arcade racer. I didnt even know Turn 10 wasnt doing it.

ChunkyLover532040d ago

This game is being done by the group that made Blur and the Project Gotham Racing series. Its basically a new racing IP that is open world.

Still going to have those great Forza graphics, physics and cars. I've had my pre-order in for a while now. Nice that Microsoft is still giving us such core titles 7+ years into the Xbox 360's life.

Bigpappy2040d ago

This is more Project Gotham than it is Forza. Kind of wish M$ had called it Project Gotham. Can remember if they owned the IP though, and that may have something to do with calling it Forza.