Condemned 2: Sega's Constantine Hantzopoulos Interview

Via TXB- As the March release of Condemned 2: Bloodshot, fast approaches, TXB took some time out to sit down with producer Constantine Hantzopoulos and get the inside skinny on all the creepy, scary elements that will be going in to the game, as well as some of the challenges faced by the development team in improving on a proven survival horror experience.

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Dr Pepper3727d ago

Can't wait!

FPS mode sounds like fun but it will probably take away from the intense atmosphere in the game if you can kill everyone from far away. But I guess that's why they included it as a sperate mode!

Rhezin3727d ago

I still think the addition of mulitplayer should have been left out. They should just focus on the single player aspect of the game and make it more lengthier and amazing than the first. With multiplayer you get everyone online whoring out the whole condemned experience. Not to mention the lag that's gonna take place in it.

wageslave3727d ago

I loved the original. This is a highly anticipated sequel. Worth a serious look.