The biggest shooters of 2012

CVG writes: The shooter, long standing staple of the hardcore gamer's diet and 2012 has been an especially vintage year for lovers of all things guns, bullets and carnage. From beginning to end we've seen a non-stop procession of classics and now with some even bigger releases to come, this looks like it could be one of the best years for the genre yet.

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Septic2156d ago

For me, Halo 4 is the biggest shooter and possibly game of the year with a doubt. I have booked a day off work for this and I really cannot wait.

Greg Bear's brilliant novels have got me very excited about the new universe. People forget how huge this is. It seems like we have had several Halo games since the original but this is a BRAND NEW trilogy and one that promises to really utilise the amazing backstory the Halo universe has always benefitted from (but has never been realised).

Oh, and then there is the MP mode PLUS the new Spec Ops Mode. I always feel a bit disappointed when I complete a great single player campaign (whether it be Halo's or otherwise) and to the prospect of being part of the story well after you've completed the single player portion of the game is an excellent idea.