New Little King's Story dated for Europe

El33tonline writes:

"If you’re looking for a deep and engrossing game to play on your PS Vita then New Little King’s Story may be what you’re looking for. This sequel to the well-received Wii title Little King’s Story offers an intriguing mix of real-time strategy, RPG and life simulation gameplay elements, as well as a charming visual style featuring beautiful character art."

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Sanquine902282d ago

Oké this is wonderful :)Retail version :D must buy hopefully they advertise the damn game. This is a gem.

Kratoscar20082282d ago

The king is a Silent Protagonist or its name can be changed?

Well because i need either of these to get this game otherwise dont.

Godchild10202282d ago

Thank Goodness the Vita is not region locked. I'm going to import this game; I want a physical copy of this game.