Eurogamer: The hardcore experience of Forza Horizon

Eurogamer writes: When the Washington-based Turn 10 makes Forza games, it does so with a European accent. It's a slightly forced one at times, but there's still an understatement and refinement to the Forza Motorsport series that belies the game's American roots.

Funny, then, that when the series turns to the big, wide American landscape for the open world racer Forza Horizon it does so with the British inflections of Playground, a studio formed from veterans of Codemasters, Black Rock and Bizarre. Be thankful that it does.

Forza Horizon's about that most American of dreams - the promise of the open road - but its accent is unmistakable. It's told in little flashes of welcome influence, from Burnout Paradise's world of secrets to Project Gotham's score attacks and Grid's sense of meaningful progression.

Arcade racers all, but where that Forza influence comes in isn't just in the level of polish (which is layered on in lovely, thick coats) or the succession of real-life cars...

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mewhy322279d ago

OMG this game looks amazing. WOW Forza is, without exception, the best looking racer on the market right now. Gee, I thought GT5 was good but this is on a much higher level. Much higher.

Septic2279d ago

I feel ashamed for my knee-jerk 'agree' there. Come on, was there really any need to bring GT5 into this?

Before anyone responds in retaliation to this post, just stop and think for a moment. You prefer GT5? That's fine. You think (or know) it looks amazing or better than Forza, that's fine too.

There is no need to entertain the stupid, bitter rivalry every time one of these two game franchises are discussed.

ON-TOPIC: The game looks incredible. It's kinda cool that the VW Corrado of all cars is gifted at the beginning. I was tempted to buy one earlier this year actually- those cars look amazing but I sold out for a Beemer. I'm glad the handling is great. I was worried for a while that it would be a completely arcade affair but, if this preview is anything to go by, is anything but.

mewhy322279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I in no way intended to flame anyone up. I simply made a comment regarding a game that I own, GT5, in comparison to what I see here on Forza. Big deal.Does that mean I'll stop playing GT5? No. Hell, I may not ever buy this Forza game. I wasn't "entertaining" anything. But comparisons are going to be made between these flagship racing ip's. Geeze. Tone it down a notch there pal.

Septic2279d ago

Don't you think enough comparisons have been made regarding these IP's? I personally much prefer Forza but this is N4G- surely you must know that there is only one way this will go down the moment you utter GT5- total derailment of the subject matter at hand.

"Gee, I thought GT5 was good but this is on a much higher level. Much higher."

I think it would be naive for me to believe that your comparison was as innocent as you suggest it was.

Either way, forget this nonsense. We can both agree the game does look incredible.

mewhy322279d ago

You know Septic. Eventhough I didn't mean to insite flamebait, given the population of this site I guess I shouldn't have said it that way. I still stand by what I said but given the extreme bias of this , supposed news site, I can see how it could server as flamebait. I do, however, have the right to my opinion just like everyone else here. It's the children on this site that make it much more biased then any news site should be. This bubble system is the root of it all. We should all be able to state our opinions freely and have real open dicussion. Maybe it'll change in the future.

Septic2279d ago

My apologies if you were sincere. Yeah the mob rule on here does make this place a lot worse. Still, you have to rise above the bullying.

Again, sorry if I was quick to judge. The game does look incredible and fit to carry the legacy of the Forza name. Just imagine what a next gen versions of Forza will look like! Better than real life!

guitarded772279d ago

Burn the witch!!!!!!!!!

On topic: Forza Horizon is one of my most anticipated games of this holiday season.

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