Season pass confirmed for Forza Horizon

Eurogamer writes: Turn 10 and Playground's forthcoming open world racer Forza Horizon will be receiving monthly DLC updates, and it'll be getting a full expansion pack on 18th December.

Which isn't too dissimilar to what its predecessor Forza Motorsport 4 does, really. Like Forza 4, the monthly DLC updates will take the form of car packs, and like Forza 4 they'll be available either individually or can be drip-fed through Turn 10's petrol-teat via a Season Pass.

Forza Horizon's a collaboration between Turn 10 and Playground, a new UK studio formed of veterans from the racing scene.

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ChunkyLover532279d ago

If they support it with content like they did with Forza 3 and Forza 4, that is a great deal! There is new content on Forza 4 every other week.

memots2279d ago

Another incomplete game that I have to pay 100$ + to enjoy fully, no thanks I'll put my money on Project Cars or free to play raceroom raceway

PhatsoJuggalo8062279d ago

Forza 4 season pass you only got 6 dlc packs they came out with like 3 more after that, ill think ill pass on this season pass.

GearSkiN2279d ago

I hope once u DL the content is already there, rather than needing enough ingame credit to purchased it again :/