Top 20 rated players in NBA 2K13

Players with the top 20 overall ratings in NBA 2K13

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TheHardware2274d ago

These ratings are stupid.

There should be categorically placed, Lebron James is a 94 and rondo is 90.

what if I put Lebron at the point position, is he a better point guard than rondo?
what if rondo is at the 5? is he still a 90?

and Russell Westbrook and d wade are on the same tier as Kobe? and Westbrook is slightly better than derrick rose? laughable...

this is why I don't play NBA videogames

Mainsqueeze2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Right now in their careers D Wade and Westbrook are both just as good as Kobe, prob even a little better. I would also take Westbrook over Rose any day of the week. Westbrook has just as good of stats even though he has to share the ball with Durant, plus Rose isn't going to be playing this season for a long ass time. Injuries effect overall scores. I also think that that 94+ on Lebron will prob be around a 98 or 97 or even 99(highly unlikely) when the game comes out, the man is playing on another planet right now.
The things that i see wrong with these ratings is 1. Dwight being a better overall than Durant, Dwight just came off a serious injury and the only player better than Durant in the nba right now is Lebron. And 2. Steve Nash as a freaking 87 lol the man gets older, alot of his stats in the NBA get worse, and some how his rating goes up from last year wtf.

Mystro212273d ago

westbrook is not better then Rose dude westbrook can hardly pass the ball and derrick rose actually brought up the bulls while i wanna see westbrook do that because he is a horrible decision maker

boxcarr212272d ago

I do agree that Westbrook is better than Rose but really? Nash may not be in his prime but the guy can still ball better than most of the people in the NBA now. He is up for another 50 40 90 season this season and will lead the league in assists easily.

boxcarr212272d ago

also Nash is one of the most under rated clutch shooters in the league.

iceman062274d ago

The ratings system actually matters in conjunction with the players skills. Playing LeBron at the point wouldn't be much of a drop off because LeBron has proven to be a great ball handler and distributor of the ball. However, this isn't Live. You can't take Shaq or Dwight out to the perimeter and have a field day. They won't have the handles or the outside shot to do anything. How, put them where they belong and they become a beast. Thus, Rondo wouldn't be able to handle the size and post moves required to play at the 5. Position to position, there will always be some arguments as to the numbers. But, 2K has been pretty faithful in getting the best out of having to play the teams the way they should be played.

Corsico2270d ago

This being the reason you don't play NBA video games is like saying you don't eat at restaurants because Zagat rated McDonald's higher than Wendy's.

If you don't play NBA video games just say you don't play 'em. No need to drop silly excuses.

2pacalypsenow2274d ago

Like The Hardware said they should categorized them by position

Mainsqueeze2274d ago

those ranks are based on how good they are at their primary position.

3-4-52274d ago

ratings for who can jog down the court the slowest ?

PS3gamer4life2274d ago

Cant wait to smack all you 2k fans online day 1 for me