Why Modern Warfare is the Best Movie Trilogy I Ever Played

Thirteen1 - "..The unspoken tragedy of the Call of Duty games is how underrated their campaign scenarios stand after the dust settles. These games are never remembered for their heavy depictions of human civilisation trying to bite its own throat out, and I can’t for a moment understand why we haven’t taken the campaign as seriously as we do their online components."

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CustardTrout2157d ago

I always loved the campaigns on these, but even the campaigns are going down hill lately.

FinaLXiii2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Black Ops was the one that really sucked MW3´s campaign was alright and it as a pretty kickass end mission.

Blastoise2157d ago

In my opinion...
1. World at war
2. CoD4
3. MW2
4. Black ops (Not great but the nova gas was cool)
5. MW3 (alright but nothing stands out, abrupt ending)

jeseth2157d ago

For all the heat the MP gets, the SP on CODs (especially this gen) have been awesome!

Short, but really incredible set pieces and sequences!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I actually very much enjoyed black ops 1 single player. I'm all for psychological approach.
Not a major fan of the series in general anymore but I cannot argue that there single player campaigns are not good because they are good.

kneon2157d ago

Was it worse than MW2? I stopped buying COD after Blops as that and MW2 had stories that were just incoherent crap.

Hufandpuf2157d ago

Yeah it was worse than MW1, MW2, WaW, and BLOPS.

you just went to find makarov and each time you were near him he just got away.

WilliamH2157d ago

COD 4 campaign was amazing, who can forget "all ghillied up"

0pie2157d ago

ewww typical article made by a cod fanboy.
The only story that was good in any call of duty was Black ops. All of the other cod sucked.

Farsendor12157d ago

i like cods campaign modes more than i like the multiplayer.

ab5olut10n2157d ago

word. mw2 was a huge letdown though, except for the prison break mission.

Farsendor12157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

wish i would have payed 40$ for mw3 instead of the 60.

beat the campaign in a little over 4 hours,if the game is on steam still counts that as playtime.

played multiplayer for 30 mins got tired of it and never played it again.

playing gw2 so no time for steam games

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