Super Swing Golf Season 2 Review from Gamespot

Though the improvements are minimal, Super Swing Golf Season 2 is more enjoyable than its predecessor.

The Good
* Fun gameplay that is easy to pick up and play
* Plenty of items to unlock and collect
* Less frustrating than the original.

The Bad
* The game on which it's based is free on the PC
* Not enough game types in tour mode
* Graphics haven't improved much, if at all, since the first game.

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PS360WII3697d ago

I had Super Swing Golf. It was okay nothing special and looks like this is same with some upgrades. I like the style but maybe the We Love Golf will be better?

Monteblanco3697d ago

Although I never played Super Swing Golf, I also have a feeling that We Love Golf will be a better game.

Iamback3697d ago

This is Hot Shots Golf copy

Skemo3697d ago

Hot Shots Golf still has the title for best Golf game series. The new one needs to come out already!!!

TheIneffableBob3697d ago

I play Pangya on the PC. It's a pretty fun game when you're playing with friends.