Australian version of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 missing online

After a 3 month delay Medal of Honor Heroes 2 arrives on Australia stores however its much touted and critically acclaimed 32 player online mode is no where to be seen. The game was released in November last year in the US but held over until the new year for PAL to avoid the Xmas rush, but we have to ask what does EA hope to achieve by removing online from the game and how can they charge full price for a game missing its main selling point. It certainly is strange as even the manual makes mention of playing online.

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gamesR4fun3756d ago

So no online at all???


JsonHenry3756d ago

And THIS is what you point to when people ask the question "Why do you hate EA so much?"

4cough3756d ago

WOW EA, You take the piss

M_Prime3756d ago

The online isn't the best (needs more maps) but it sure extends the game for me by a couple dozen hours. Sometimes i just pop on Hereos and go..

the thing i don't like about it is that u gatta kill right away if the guy runs away he gets his health back.. and its not like the servers are deserted, everytime i boot the game up i get a lot of servers to choose from (well not servers, games)

PS360WII3756d ago

That is really odd for EA to get rid of the online for MOH2 seeing that yes it was the biggest selling point of the dang thing. Heck they use the EA lobby so it's not like Nintendo said get rid of it. Strange... guess they don't want it to sell there

Mcrmarcher3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

i bought this game and hated it they ruined the gameplay the guns the health system even 32 online play. Shotguns take about half an hour to reload same with sniper rifles. Theres no point in sniping now as soon as u hit someone all u have to do is hide a sec and ur back at full health theres no point.