IGN: Devil May Cry 4 Basics+Walkthrough+Secrets

Guide by: Mark Ryan Sallee:

Forget about the Devil-our job is to make sure you don't cry. Devil May Cry 4, like its predecessors, is among the most challenging games of its time, and simple button mashing and a lack of strategy will promptly get you killed. To make matters worse, Dante is out of the picture and you're left leading newbie Nero through Hell's perils. Nero presents new combo abilities and new challenges, things we've thoughtfully mastered and detailed inside our guide.

BASICS: Combo tips and tricks for building up your style meter. Stylish fighting equals more upgrades!
WALKTHROUGH: Our complete Devil May Cry 4 walkthrough for every mission in the game, with strategies for every boss.
SECRET MISSIONS: Tips for completing the Devil May Cry 4's many secret missions.

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ErcsYou3692d ago

Thanx, but no thanx... i haven't even had this game for 24 hours yet.... It's nice to know that there is help available but a little to early for my tastes.... Besides, I'm a PS3'r from the Playstation family , i think i can handle some DMC.

Bathyj3692d ago

Is it worth getting? I.m not sure about this game. I might get it today.

PlayStation3603692d ago

I'm in the same predicament as you brother. I hear nothing but good things about this game, but I'm still alittle iffy. My home boy got it (Collectors Edition), and he says it's really good. So I may just get it, but if the collectors edition is sold out at my local game stores, then I won't get it til' later :P. That will be the deciding factor.

Marceles3692d ago

So far it's cool...I gotta get used to the PS3 version having achievements hehe, but I'm enjoying it so far. Btw I just saw the DMC4 commercial on TV...looks like they're promoting it for the 360

Fade_Walker3692d ago

I have my Xbox 360 and my PS3, i love them both, but DMC belongs on PS3

meepmoopmeep3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

i'll seek everything by myself and maybe look at this to see if i missed anything in the far future. so far it's been easy to find the secret missions and the path is pretty linear so it's easy to know where you have to go next... still an awesome game so far

TheDietzofLegends3691d ago

I picked it up yesterday and I'm facing ______ a second time with Nero and _______ is incredibly tough he counters everything. Definitely worth the purchase. How can you not love challenging bosses.