Borderlands 2 Graphic Comparison - PS3 vs. 360 vs. PC

IGN compare the platforms that Borderlands 2 is being released on in this graphic comparison looking at the PS3, PC, and 360.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1917d ago

Stupid comparison IMO. Compare only consoles since PC has different settings and would be the obvious winner lol. I'll just wait for Lens of Truth to compare the PS3 and 360 versions.

decrypt1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

PC does have different settings, but you forget that borderlands being a console port can be maxed out by easily low to mid range PCs of today. I would think Borderlands could probably run maxed out at 1080p by a 500usd PC (which is about next gen console price). Hence i see no reason why PC shouldnt be included in the comparison.

Anyways Console gamers dont care about graphics, so there really isnt a need for you to take these comparisons seriously.


"Yeah right! Tell that the PS3 guys!"

You actually think people gaming on 6 year old hardware care about graphics? lol

tordavis1917d ago

"Console gamers dont care about graphics,"

Yeah right! Tell that the PS3 guys!

lociefer1917d ago

this is as stupid as comparisons get

mewhy321917d ago

I think comparison are VERY important to gamers that own multiple consoles. That way you sure to get the best console release for you money. Head to heads and face offs are very important if you have both the Xbox 360 and ps3 like I do.

NastyDaddeh1917d ago

actually borderlands 2 was built with PC in mind and then ported to console.

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RumbleFish1917d ago

Not so stupit I think, because current gen consoles are competing with current gen PCs.

Muffins12231917d ago

nut really...current gen games

Jazz41081916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I feel with a multiplayer coop game like this the 360 gives you the most options for enjoying the game. Plus the controller on the 360 is better suited for shooters and the devs dont usually struggle with making games on the 360 like they do on thr ps3.

DoomeDx1917d ago

Video Comparisons are stupid.

They should be compared with screenshots

Dms20121917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Whoever disagreed with you is an idiot. Just realized, you probably got disagrees for your name alone, forgot this is N4G.

Bimkoblerutso1917d ago

I, for one, disagreed with him because I don't feel like the inclusion of the PC version is all that outrageous. Considering the amount of trouble I have with the vast majority of PC games these days (whether it's stuttering or texture pop-in or unoptimized drivers, etc.), I like to see not only how it looks compared to the console iterations, but how it performs.

Darksiders 2 and RAGE, for instance, were two games I opted for the console versions because of all the performance and aesthetic problems associated with the PC versions.

AKS1916d ago

Include the PC so we don't have any stupid PS3 versus 360 debates over pixellated grass or whatever nonsense.

There's going to be an obvious jump in visual quality on PC. The console versions should look relatively close, and at this point, developers have a pretty good handle on developing for the PS3 and 360 and should do a pretty good job with both versions.

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Silly gameAr1917d ago

Knew this was coming because of Gearbox's comment about Borderlands 2 on PS3.

sandman2241917d ago

Ps3 and 360 look the same. I'm not doing to mention the pc version. Whats the point in comparing the pc to old consoles. Either way they all look great.

DoomeDx1917d ago

The point is, For fun.

Why do you guys always think they are SERIOUS when they compare console with PC?

Its just for fun, to show you how much of a diffrence there is between consoles and pc. So stop crying

sharkraiden01917d ago

Its look same nothing different.. only physx and fullhd..

NeoTribe1917d ago

Pc version looks like shit compared to consoles. Fight!

dalibor1917d ago

The perfect console (PC) is the best from what I have been told numerous times and nothing compares to it so I don't know what to believe anymore.

taquito1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

lol.....pc games from 2006 look better than anything ever made on console ever has or ever will this gen, then in 2007, when crysis 1 came out, lol......shiiiiiiiitttt

next gen ps4/720 will not be able to match crysis 1, dx10, a few mods in 1600p, I'd bet your life on it :)

these comparrisons are lame, to actually see the difference you would need to streach the dirty 720p ps3/360 version to fill your whole screen and they don't even support video as high as the pc runs, so, you'll never know, i guess its better that way

console only players actually think uncharted 3 and halo 4 look good, anyone with a gaming rig and a ps3/360 like most every pc gamer i know, thinks they look last gen

HammadTheBeast1916d ago

Guess what, at least we don't deal with hackers, don't spend half our lives or life savings on a stupid game, and don't worry about getting the absolute best and maximum stuff. This is gaming dude. Relax.

And one more thing. No one says, "Hey come to my place, let's play some multiplayer." Cause you can't.

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