The Five Best Stealth Games Ever

In honor of the new classic "Mark of the Ninja," we take a look back at the five best stealth games of all time.

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Xof2041d ago

Do any of them not suddenly turn into action games at odd intervals? Because all of the Stealth games I've played have done that. Every single one.

LaughingFish2040d ago

That depends on how one defines "turn into action." Any stealth game by definition must have the threat of things exploding into violence. But in most real stealth games, your character is woefully under-equipped to endure such chaos, and you're penalized for incurring it.

In Thief, for example: you technically CAN sword fight, but you suck at it. And Agent 47 CAN blast through a room but he has very little life and will drop pretty fast. As opposed to something like "Crysis" where stealth is an option, but all-out violence is just as effective.

nitrogav2041d ago

Glad to see Thief at no. 1 and rightly so . Nothing comes close on so many things . But what has happened to the Thief reboot ? . Not even seen a picture or video of it in the four years since Eidos said it was in production . That makes me worry somewhat .