Oblivion Update released!

There is a free title update for 'Oblivion' now available. You'll be prompted to take the update the next time you sign in to Xbox Live with Oblivion. You can read the details of what the update covers over at the official site.

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schnodder4184d ago

ssj ... are you playing games at all?

Islandkiwi4184d ago

Does this mean I can return Umbra's sword now?

The BS Police4184d ago

He's bashing every single 360 game out there... including Halo 3.

He is either...

a)A Sony Fan

b)A Nintendo Fan/on the endangered species list

c)An Idiot

I'm gonna stick with "c" on this one!

RelloC4184d ago

everything he has ever posted has been ignorant rambling.

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The story is too old to be commented.