Resident Evil 6 demo now available on Xbox LIVE

El33tonline writes:

"Those of us eagerly anticipating the release of Resident Evil next month can now get our hands on the long-awaited demo for the game. Featuring missions from Leon, Chris and Jake’s campaigns, along with local and online co-op support, this demo should provide us with a thrilling introduction to Capcom’s most ambitious production to date."

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BigBoss19642255d ago

I've checked and it's not there =/

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AusRogo2255d ago

BTW there is no local co op in the demo, only online

GearSkiN2255d ago

For those of u who are about to complain remember this is the early version.

Ryo-Hazuki2255d ago

Doesn't matter it's still going to have issues. Like why is their auto-run in this game? The controls are janky and the cover system is horrific. And in Chris and Jake's campaigns all the enemies act just like uncharted enemies and each section feels like horde mode. This might be the worst RE ever but I will reserve judgement until the full release

GearSkiN2255d ago

All game has issues my friend. I'm pointing it out to some ppl who may not know.

SatyendraR2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

@GearSkin, Yes but it became available to everybody just now, and we do have right to complain if we didn't like knowing the release date is close :)

M1chl2255d ago

Its really bad, I mean good old fashion bad. I admit, that I am a fan of RE5, but even with this in mind, this demo presents a game which is a complete utter sh*t. What were you thinking Capcom??

abzdine2255d ago

i stopped playing after 2 minutes it was too much to handle.
F### you CAPCOM!!! I really really hope nobody's gonna buy this shit so they think twice for next one.

richierich2255d ago

That demo was awful I only played it for about 5 minutes and then deleted it

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