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"But it’s not all peaches and cream. I mentioned before about heading back into areas you’d already visited, and while it can be fun doing so at a higher level, it can also take absolute ages to trek the required path into, and out of, these. You can Fast Travel at specific stations throughout the game, but these are spread out in various locales often unhelpful to your traversal quest. Even a simple system like World of Warcraft’s Hearthstone to teleport you back to Sanctuary, at the very least, would have been a very welcome addition.

There’s also a question of stealth, in that there is none. You can set up a station for yourself outside an enemy stronghold, pull out your sniper rifle and take a pot-shot an unsuspecting goon, but as soon as you do that, almost every enemy there will descend upon your like locusts. This is especially annoying when playing as the Assassin whose very class description would have you believe you can stealthily take out the enemy (and sure enough, his ability does give you a chance to sneak up behind enemies, but not in the way you think). It’s not a huge detriment to the game, and the inclusion of far more robust cover in level-design means you can deal with mobs pretty easily, but I definitely would have preferred enemies to have a more line-of-sight aggro, as opposed to the x-ray vision they all apparently have..."

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