HD Formats Sales Growing Better Than DVD

According to analysts Displaysearch, sales of DVD discs took around two years to reach the point where the high definition market is now at. In a marvellous feat of what might be called stating the obvious the firm put this down to rapidly dropping price of players and better market awareness. Speaking as one of the journalists who just can't stop harping on about Blu-ray and HD DVD constantly, I think that's only to be expected - media coverage of the format war has been pretty intensive.

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Shaka2K63665d ago

Blu-ray, Sony and the PS3.

Blu-ray,HD sound and picture is the future.

this is why Sony will always win they always think ahead.

cooke153665d ago

Yeah i just bought an HD DVD player with 10 movies you cant get on Blu Ray :)

jay51503665d ago

I just wish the studios would stop making blu-ray movies in MPEG-2 that looks like crap and starting using a real HD format! It seems the movies done in MPEG-2 have a lot of noise in the picture and look worse than a regular DVD upconverted! The Die Hard set is done in another format for Blu-Ray and it looks AMAZING for even some older movies!

Blankman3665d ago

congrats on ur hd-dvd player. guess you had the money to throw away on your 3-4 month investment as hd-dvd will be throwing in the towel soon. Have fun trying to sell those movies on ebay too

Tryst3665d ago

I know, Cooke, well done for throwing money down the drain.

Some people have no awareness of whats happening around then :-s

cooke153665d ago

Bourne Identity
Bourne Supremacy
Bourne Ultamatum
American Gangster
King Kong
Children of Men
The Kingdom

yeah im sorry guys but i cant watch these movies on blur ray. And you know the more people that buy HD DVD beacause of price drops the longer HD DVD stays. Sorry that bothers you. 150 with 7 movies is a better deal than 300.

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akaFullMetal3665d ago

thats great, lets hope for the war to be over very soon, so everybody will accept it, i hope its blu-ray

bootsielon3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Awesome, I will get them eventually on Blu-ray since it already won the format war! Even better, when HD movies aren't as expensive as what you paid for! Mine will work in every player in the future, and yours won't!

DaEnforcer3665d ago

Haha poor xbots, they are being smashed now by all sides. There was an army in the past claiming nobody needs HD, DVD is enough and it won't be as fast accepted as DVD.

cooke153665d ago

thats n4g for ya. new 4 sony gamers

phony force slayer3665d ago

shut the fak up u sony droid go join the bsony defence force

staub913665d ago

The future is here. And Sony is welcoming us in.

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The story is too old to be commented.