Proven Gamer: Borderlands 2 Review

In late 2009, Borderlands was released to the fans gripping them with exciting co-op and as many guns as you can imagine. While not a perfect game by any means, Borderlands built up a good following and had many successful DLC packs, allowing for a sequel to be released. Fast forward to now, Gearbox is at it again bringing us Borderlands 2 touting 870 gajillion guns, a more in depth story, and new classes; and I am happy to say they have succeeded.

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MPGamersheep2074d ago

Can't wait to play this on Wednesday!

TrickyMic2074d ago

why are you waiting til wednesday?

MPGamersheep2074d ago

I live by Gamefly's schedule, not my own.

konnerbllb2074d ago

This game is worth a purchase.. show your support.

MPGamersheep2074d ago


AmigoSniped2074d ago

What a great game, Highly recommend everyone checks it out!

ddurand12074d ago

great reivew but im waiting for the game of the year edition.

dont have any friends that are buying this game unfortunately so id be kinda dumb not to wait

xPhearR3dx2074d ago

Not really. I read a few reviews that said part 2 is much more tolerable for single player gamers where 1 made you feel like you needed co-op partners.

AmigoSniped2074d ago

I would totally agree, when reviewing it I played a majority of the game on my own. Only a few parts were difficult on my own. The game is however still much more enjoyable with friends.

ddurand12074d ago

itd still be considerably more fun to team up with a friend.

ill still give it a go though. just saving it for the best bargain i can get.

xPhearR3dx2074d ago

@AmigoSniped Oh of course. Can't wait to team up with my friends.


There's always matchmaking options. Never hurts to find new friends, especially ones who are dedicated to Borderlands and will play for a long time.

badz1492073d ago

the original was not hard for single players as I've played it alone and only play coop to help my brother and get the coop trophies. there's a reason why it's called an RPG...role playing! you'll find it hard if going directly for objectives and higher level missions! that's just not the way it's meant to be played! it's about grinding and looting and tackling the missions when you're ready.

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Bathyj2074d ago

Wouldnt that pic make a great tattoo?

MasterD9192074d ago

I regret not going to pick this up at midnight...I'll have to wait until morning.

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