GamesBeat: Borderlands 2 nearly perfects the blend of shooter and role-playing game (review)

Loot. It is the desire of every fan of role-playing games. The need for better stats, the want for something that looks cooler, the desire to know that your items are better than your friend's.

Guns. The addiction of the shooter player. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve one goal: killing.

The original Borderlands gained a lot of praise for combining the shooter with loot-based RPGs like Diablo. Developer Gearbox Software basically invented a genre. And now, it nearly perfects it.

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JeffGrubb2279d ago

Can't wait till the third one. It's supposed to have a real-money auction house and always-online functionality.

BitbyDeath2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Shouldn't even joke about that stuff :-p

Sadie21002279d ago

Hahaha, for a sec, I thought this was serious and was announced somewhere. Ya got me.

RockYou2279d ago

Hey, finally a sequel to an FPS that I actually finished.

roblef2279d ago

I never finished the first one, so I hope this one keeps me interested. I'm not too much into the gun porn.

Omar912279d ago

I never got into this game. I actually just saw some gameplay for the first time just now on youtube, I didnt even know it was a fps/role playing game. seems like theres a lot of hype for this game. based off the reviews its a well deserved hype.

it this a game that I should look into getting later on?

konnerbllb2279d ago

No you shouldn't look into getting it later on. You should get it tomorrow, it's worth it.

Bathyj2279d ago

Yes. I never got into either.

Gave it another try on the weekend. Many late nights/early mornings later I've played about 30 hours since friday

deantak2279d ago

can't wait for this one.

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