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GameSpot: "Jet Set Radio was interesting in the year 2000, but the game needed more than a fresh coat of paint to make its awkward design worth revisiting."

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abzdine2282d ago

if it's not COD it's shit, obviously !
The creativity in JSR exceeds by far most games from this generation.
Graphics are amazing, soundtrack is crazy and the game is fun. Jumping can be frustrating sometimes but this game is a must buy.

Perjoss2282d ago

Price of this is worth it for the soundtrack alone, never mind the game itself being fantastic.

ClintonBeardsley2281d ago

I disagree with this review. The game does have its share of faults, but overall, it's a very fun experience, as there aren't many games out there like it.
The game might get the best of you, because it is tough as nails....but there's always a method to beat even the hardest moments. It just takes patience. You know, like how games used to be a long time ago.