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ftwrthtx2277d ago

Pretty quick update download wise. Only took me a few seconds.

-Mika-2277d ago

Sigh... I had to update but I hope this doesn't ruin my chances of playing PSP isos.

ftwrthtx2277d ago

I have a PSP Slim if I wanted to do that.

TerminalGamer2277d ago

I'm going to keep my Vita stock so I can still play online anyway.

ziggurcat2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

you know what other device can play PSP ISOs?


and i hope it doesn't allow you to pirate games anymore.

HammadTheBeast2276d ago

So... you want to pirate games? I don't care if you previously had it, none of these gamers should be entitled to being able to play games illegally.

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DivineAssault 2277d ago

Pirating games is foul.. PSP games its ok tho.. Theyre older lol

TheLastGuardian2277d ago

Did this take away the ability to transfer PSOne classics from PS3 that aren't on the Vita's PS Store? I tried it with Crash 3 after I updated and it didn't show up in content manager.

ATLRoAcH2277d ago

The Crash Bandicoot games never would transfer. I tried to transfer them weeks ago and they wouldn't show up in the content manager.

Game4life2277d ago

were you doing it correctly? Apparently they need to be uninstalled from what i've seen. I had to redownload ff8 to get it on there.

ATLRoAcH2277d ago


Yeah, I knew they had to be uninstalled. I was able to transfer other games but the Crash games just don't work for some reason.

George Sears2277d ago

I'm not downloading this. I had MHFU downloaded months ago because I'm a huge fan of the MH series since the first on PS2. And what a huge plus it was when I saw the news that I can vbhl the thing. CAPCOM doesn't want to bring Portable Third to the states so **** them I'm downloading an ISO translated in English. Your loss CAPCOM.

Canary2277d ago

What, but they didn't remove MHFU from the store, right? And even if they did, not updating would result in the same effect as you wouldn't be able to download it even if it were there as you would be unable to connect to the PSN.

Or is this some sort of hamfisted, roundabout way of protesting the lack of localization of a PSP game by refusing to update a Vita so that you can play a pirated version on it when the Vita itself cannot run pirated games?

I... don't think you know what you're doing.

George Sears2276d ago

I know perfectly what am doing. Don't worry.

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The story is too old to be commented.