The Gamer's GTA V – What We Know So Far

Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997 for PCs and since then the franchise has gone from strength to strength, selling over 76 million units in total. Its developers Rockstar are currently working on the next instalment of the series, GTA V, a game which they say is “the largest and the most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.”

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claud31832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

What i know so far is... a enough with these crap articles

crimsonfox1830d ago

Why anyone would disagree? the world my never know...

nextbigname1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Because different people's perspective are not the same. One article doesn't equal the other, therefore if there is "another" piece on GTA V, someone might be interested in reading it because a) they might not have read about it anywhere else before, b) they are interested in what other people think and compare the opinions to what they have read previously and c) any other fucking reason.

Why would someone AGREE with that cynical comment is what boggles me more.