Beyond: Two Souls – Why My Disappointment in Heavy Rain Has Me Concerned

WC - Who remembers Fahrenheit (that would be Indigo Prophecy to my friends in the U.S.)? I remember it, and more importantly, I remember liking it. Sure, the story didn’t really make all that much sense in places, but it didn’t seem to matter, because the whole thing was a bit ridiculous and didn’t take itself too seriously. Somehow, Quantic Dream and director/writer David Cage had managed to make a world in which it made complete sense that a down and out office worker could become a sort of super zombie. That a kick-ass detective would fall in love and shag said magical zombie whom she’d only met once (and was previously hunting). In fact, the only thing in this situation that didn’t seem logical was how she could be naked and aroused in such cold conditions. In Fahrenheit, suicide somehow became a logical solution to a broken coffee machine, and silly characterization became endearing.

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NukaCola2275d ago

The author rented a PS3? lol...what a joke.

Ok you didn't like Heavy Rain, but your point is irrelevant because millions like myself loved it and can't wait for Beyond.