New PS3 Model Speculation, What’s Sony’s Plan?

In light of rumors that Sony will announce a new PS3 model soon, I have to wonder what Sony’s gameplan for the future is. If the PS3 is getting a new model in both 12GB and 500GB sizes, does this mean the PS4 is further away than we thought? Or has Sony come up with a plan to refuel PS3 sales late in the system’s life?

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Brosy2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

If sony launches a new PS3 model, then I wouldnt expect a PS4 til 2014.

sinncross2042d ago

Why cant there be one late 2013?

Sony are going to keep continuing to sell PS3's when the PS4 has launched.

PS3 refresh now (with price cut), and another price cut next year when PS4 launches.

I do not think that this will completely diminish the need for PS4 in late 2013.

sikbeta2041d ago


The more they wait, the more time they give to wii-u to expand its fanbase

It has to be Nov 2013 at least, going to 2014 just to get better tech or hoping the PS3 will hold against new hardware it'd really stupid

blitz06232041d ago

It's almost guaranteed that the PS4 and 720 will release November next year. It's the same case as when Sony still continued to support the PS2 for a few more years even if the PS3 was already out.

GribbleGrunger2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

It is quite feasible that Sony could carry on upgrading the PS3 even after the PS4 launches, although I do agree that the PS4 isn't going to launch as early as people think.

The one thing that people keep overlooking is Gaikai. Remember that this was designed to show demos of PC games within browsers and social networks such as Facebook. Now consider the implications of that.

This means that it's possible to demo PS4 games through Facebook and through the 'PS3'. This could become the best advertising proposition to hit PS branded consoles ever. It also means that to demo PS3 games you wouldn't have to download them onto your hard drive...

All you would need was a Gaikai enables PS3 with 12GB of memory (see what I did there)

LAZL0-Panaflex2041d ago

Probably more ram for party chat too. They did say playing ps4 games on anything with a gaikai application would be doable.

Chitown712912041d ago

Honestly with all the games coming out next year such as , Grand Theft Auto 5, Sly 4 , Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, God of War Ascension, Rain, Puppeteer, The Wonderbook games, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros......I mean I just dont see Sony putting out a new console next year, when they have potential system sellers coming next year. They could drop the price to $199, and let the PS3 go out with a bang. Why announce a new system? It would mess up the momentum of the PS3, plus its a lot of people that doesnt even feel we should move on yet. Besides this would give Sony time to get cheaper parts for a more future efficient system.......Just my 2 cents...

Hdz542041d ago

The majority of the big titles still coming to PS3 are slated for first half of 2013. Once the PS4 is announced at E3 next June, new content for the PS3 will likely start drying up.

Same with the 360. Why else would their next Gears of War game come out in March instead of it's usual fall release window?

Chitown712912041d ago

Well we dont know what all they still have to announce. And Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid doesnt have a release window if im not mistaken. 2013 seems to us like it would be a good year for new consoles, but 2014 makes more sense. I mean people are already saying that these may be the last consoles even released, as we're moving to a Cloud based era(which personally Im not so sure about). I mean in that leaked Microsoft document they were basically stating that the XBOX 720 might be the last console they release. I say just perfect it, and make it future proof. These current consoles are fine until then.

DaThreats2041d ago

Its not going to be 2013 when the PS4 releases nor the 720
Why do people keep thinking that?
These big companies never release the next big gaming platform the same year it was announced.
So announced E3 2013
Release Spring 2014

MrBeatdown2041d ago

Microsoft did with the 360.

It doesn't do much good to look at history any more. If we were going by what usually happens, we'd be expecting new consoles this fall just because of how long this generation has gone on.


I think this means that this year we have Wii-U , late next year (2013) Xbox 720 and early (2014) the ps4 ! sounds about right .


I think the only great reason sony might decide to release such a console is to spearhead a price drop.

starting this model off at $199 is the best move sony could possibly make. cant wait to see it (hopefully) happen!

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