This Week In Imports: Final Fantasy III Changes Class To PSP

Siliconera - Square Enix is re-releasing Final Fantasy III for PSP. Yeah, it’s on Nintendo DS and iOS already. What’s new for PSP? An option to switch to the Famicom background music, an image gallery, and an auto battle feature that speeds up combat. Final Fantasy III for PSP has English subtitles so it’s import friendly.

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HiddenMission1583d ago

Will I be able to pull it on my Vita...

abzdine1583d ago

i will buy this game. I like the box art.

Relientk771582d ago

Agree, definitely awesome box art

oldfriend861583d ago

Not sure if I'll buy it again, but the idea that I could switch over to the NES music is pretty cool.

And lol @ auto-battle.