OPINION: Are You Ready for Next Gen? - Part 1

A hot topic for debate with the impending arrival of the Wii U is whether or not gamers (or the public in general) are ready for the “next-gen”. First off, what the hell is “next-gen”? Hyper realistic graphics and mega blast processing? Smell-o-vision and touchy-feely thingamabobs? Holodecks? And how much will all this newfangled tech cost? $300? $500? $999.99? Like it or not, while Microsoft and Sony are most definitely hard at work on the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo is going to release their catch-up console in about two months. Are you ready for the next gen?

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ElectricKaibutsu2281d ago

Some good points in this. If the next gen Sony and Microsoft consoles are simply a graphics boost, is that worth it? I'd say no. The big jump last gen was going from SD to HD (also expanding online capabilities). That was a pretty big deal, but to get anywhere near that sort of jump graphically next gen you'd have to lay down a bunch of cash. I honestly think current systems still look amazing so I'm in no rush.

Septic2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I don't think Sony and MS are going to be solely focused on tech specs and visuals. With Nintendo in the mix, there will always be pressure on both the former companies to really innovate and come up with unique methods of input and ways to interact with the software.

I highly doubt Sony will adopt the approach they had with the PS3- financial issues aside, this generation proved that things such as making development easy is an extremely important and vital factor in obtaining support.

MS have already shown us their intent to really capitalise on the home entertainment market as well as gaming and the focus on Kinect, Smartglass and if the rumours of greater strides in motion control tech are to be believed, we could be in store for vastly different types of 'consoles' than we are traditionally accustomed to.

In my opinion, that is for the best. Even with advent of the current gen consoles a few years ago, a lot of people criticised the 360 and PS3 for being glorified PCs. Features like cloud gaming, unique controllers and features like Smartglass etc whilst simulatenously upping the game in terms of tech specs will ensure that we might have a radical departure from the precedent set by previous consoles.

I'm ready for the next gen and am hoping that Sony and MS really do not rest on their laurels when it comes to innovating with the next generation tech. It isn't all about the power that these new consoles can generate, its about how players can harness it in their games.

R6ex2281d ago

Next gen is way way over due !!!

Both my consoles are collecting dust.

I'm PC-only, for now.

Bring on the PS4!

BeAGamer2281d ago

yes, i am ready for the Wii U

Adolph Fitler2281d ago

Bring it on....PS4 has a spot under my tv, & I have one other possible spot, but Ninty & MS need to fight that one out.

zerocrossing2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I personally think we're getting to the point now where graphics are looking so good, improving them shouldn't be much of a priority anymore.

The main focus should be shifted to creating new and original IP's and improving games overall longevity without just padding them with fetch quests, next is customer service and improving online services with affordable content and providing free Internet access (no one in this day & age should be paying for a network service that only exist to give you access to purchasable content, Im not even getting started on locked on disc content and the Capcom DLC shenanigans....

Gaming has come a long way since the humble days of Atari and Nes with new content, services, graphics and peripherals we could only have dreamt of, but like pretty much anything once it goes main stream it begins to get bogged down buy "Copy paste" games sticking to the "tried and true" formulas, Its understandable that devs don't want to take to many risks, but that to me is the key problem. While trying to keep on the cutting edge graphically, all the resources seem to go into pumping out near photo realistic graphics, and if you're a top dev paying big money for the next iteration of your leading franchise (let's call it monotony snorefair 6) you're not going to want to risk loosing any sales by breaking the mold and loosing any of your current fanbase, but your not going to be gaining anymore fans either and when you're current fanbase get bored of the bland, shallow, eye candy drool fest you'll have just have finished hammering the final nail in the coffin of a once great cash cow C.O.D (cause of death) over milking.

I could go on forever here but I'll just end with saying this, id much rather see progression being made in the mainstream titles next gen, instead of more samey bland titles with great graphics and set pieces but with little to no originality.

Dms20122281d ago

I think it was a yes or no question.

NYC_Gamer2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I'm ready to see what studios could do with better console hardware specs.MS/Sony will no doubt be pushing more cloud/different motion and even VR approaches.upgraded specs mean a lot more than just graphics when it comes to development of software and media features.Online gamers would also benefit.

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