Interstellar Marines still alive! New Screenshot at PSU, playable demo at GDC

PSU Writes:

"Developed by Zero Point Software, an independent studio out of Copenhagen, Interstellar Marines is a sci-fi hybrid that combines the cooperative gameplay and military realism of the tactical shooter with the character development and narrative depth of RPG's. According to Zero Point, the first playable demo will available at GDC and new trailers will be shown highlighting the game's gameplay and features."

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pwnmaster30003599d ago

ay more games da better and is a rpg i think dats wat it says oh well

BlackIceJoe3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It is a FPS game and I think the RPG part could be some thing like Bioshock.

HeartlesskizZ3599d ago

this is one of the games I wanted the most back in 06-07 and still 08 =D

I hope they still have that walking flying Shark from the trailer =D

HeartlesskizZ3599d ago

by the way...this screens aren't new at all...they are taken from the second trailer of the game back in 06

akaFullMetal3599d ago

so is it going to be like bioshock or mass effect????

Panthers3599d ago

I dont think either. It says TACTICAL, which would be something new for a Sci-Fi shooter. The RPG element it talks about is just referring to narrative and story. No gameplay elements of an RPG (i assume).

Still, a tactical Sci-Fi game is awesome. Hope it comes together well. Sort of a futuristic CoD or Socom.

meepmoopmeep3599d ago

well, i'd like to see more of it anyhow... if the story is intriguing then i might get it. hopefully there's a demo released.

MK_Red3599d ago

PSU's been getting some pretty exclusive stuff from the games that were either gone for too long or were presumed dead (2 Days 2 Vegas, WarDevil and now this).

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The story is too old to be commented.