Sony #1 in LCD; Biggest Names Hold Fast, But Cheap-o Brands Taking Out Weaker Competition

Last quarter was an all-out TV-maker battle, and you my friends were the territory. DisplaySearch's results for Q4 '07 declared the victor in the US LCD category to be Sony for the very first time. Panasonic handily crushed all comers in the smaller US plasma race, and Samsung, with strong #2 finishes in both, ended up remaining the #1 overall TV brand in the country. LG also held its own. But while these Big Four gained ground-often by keeping profit margins slim and exploring cheaper manufacturing-other well-regarded brands like Sharp, Philips and Hitachi fell back. The strongest competition in LCD came from Vizio and Polaroid, but many other brands clashed like barbarians at the gate. DisplaySearch's charts with market share number are just after the jump, but first answer this simple question:

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zambrota3842d ago

OLED has a contrast ratio of 1000 000 :1

power of Green 3842d ago

Thats impressive!. I have no idea about Sony when it comes to flat panel TV's I hear they were up there with the best but yet to experiance their tech.

Meus Renaissance3842d ago

They're the most premium because of brand (and also tech) but the prices are incredibly expensive. You can get a Panasonic or Samsung model, similar specs, for hundreds of dollars cheaper.

HarryEtTubMan3842d ago

Sony makes the best LCD's on the market(everyone knows this). Look at this months consumers report. Sony makes the best LCD'S in EVERY SIZE out of the 5 except one which in came in second to Samsung.... and still got the same score LMAO. Sony is number UNO.

Microsft + Boombox 180 + HD DUD + Zune + Vista(LMAO) + Hillary GoldStein = LMAO what a joke. Sony absolutely OWNS Microsft. They are the best in EVERYTHING.

Lord Anubis3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I love the XBR line although Sammy (Samsung) makes some good tvs.


ruibing3842d ago

Good competition always benefit the consumers.

Primetimebt3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

i just brought an 46" XBR4 last weekend after upgrading from a 40" Samsung 720P and right out of the box I could tell the XBR4 was something special..

rofldings3842d ago

Sony's XBR line looks damn sexy.

TruthBTold3842d ago

Luckyyyyyyyyyyyy. That tv looks incredible, bet your place is getting attention for plaing games with friends, any hometheater set yet?

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