GC: Madden NFL 13 Review

GC: I’m a casual Madden NFL player, and by that I mean that I don’t rush to the story every year to pick up the latest installment just because the number on the box goes up by one. I usually wait at least two years between games; sometimes three if that’s how long it takes for something significant to change. This year was one of those years where I would break that trend. After going from Madden 10 to 12 I was prepared to do a single-year update. With the new Infinity Engine and a host of new immersive career features I was there day one for the PS3 release of Madden NFL 13, and yes, that new physics and animation engine is pretty slick, but overall the game left me wanting more. So when the PS Vita version came up for review I figured I had nothing to lose…right?

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