GC: Way of the Samurai 4 Review

GC: That 3 star rating? I’m being a little generous. In fact, I’m being down-right charitable with it. But! I figure anyone else who likes the random weirdness and sword-fighting will like it much like that derpy pug down the block -- it’s ugly as hell and runs into walls all the time, but you love it anyway. That being said, I’m not coming back to Way of the Samurai 4 again and again to find all the endings, the women to seduce creepily, the S&M torture sequences to survive. . . . Ultimately the game just isn’t that captivating, the controls feel clunky (especially because, despite this, they got the combat right), the plot is more derivative than the instantaneous velocity of the ISS (it’s a math joke, laugh), and most of the time you can’t hear the dialogue in cut scenes for crowd noise.

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