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Pre-Order Dragon Ball Z Kinect, Get Goku’s Hair Free

Free hair hat with pre-orders of the Xbox 360 game. (Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect, Xbox 360)

tayz  +   824d ago
i wish i could have real goku's hair! he's too badass!
knifefight  +   824d ago
At my age I'd just settle for still HAVING the hair I used to ;_;
tayz  +   824d ago
hahahaha that was the funniest comment of the year! dont worry, bald is beautiful. not badass, but beautiful :)
Sono421  +   824d ago
Hey bald isn't that bad! Just look at krillin! He's bald but hey i'd give anything to be the least bit strong as him! And he chose to be bald! ^_^
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DaThreats  +   824d ago
I want it long so I can be ssj3
tayz  +   824d ago
i was watching him go SSJ3 for the first time for like the 50th time today. i'm not sure if i want to lose my eyebrows lol
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FalconR289  +   824d ago
I think the ssj2 style of hair is the best of the 3. Just my personal preference.
vork77  +   824d ago
thats tempting but its a horrible game its nor worth it
Qrphe  +   824d ago
True, the half-second lag isn't fast enough to match Goku's supersonic moves!
vork77  +   823d ago
not just that the first person person of DBZ where it make it more like dragon quest swords but a fighting game made it look bad and the way everything is it just a bad game

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