Wii U Browser Has Tabbed Browsing, Screenshots, HTML5, But No Flash

The built-in webkit-based internet browser for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U system will have a host of new features, including HTML5 support, Nintendo revealed last Thursday during a Japanese Nintendo Direct that aired simultaneously with the North American Wii U Preview Event. HTML5 is an up and coming web standard that is slowly being adopted by the latest browsers and websites. For example, Youtube (which Nintendo made sure to feature support for in their video demonstration) has an experimental HTML5 version for users with browsers that support it and the necessary video codecs.

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Godchild10201832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I think i'm going to enjoy the Wii U at release. The browser is the best I have seen on a console. The fact that I can play a game and then move to the browser without exiting the game is amazing. I think this outweighs the fact that Nintendo is not requiring developers to use an achievement system.

I'm going to enjoy the Wii U and all of the games to come.

darthv721832d ago

isnt HTML5 becoming the new standard for internet animation? Flash is still being used but it isnt critical like it once was. Seems its either HTML5 or silverlight.

EPIKgamer1832d ago

Exactly, flash is becoming outdated as we speak, achievements are optional, and the console has a GPGPU, Nintendo is future proofing it.

kneon1832d ago

HTML 5 still has a lot of limitations so flash is going to be around for a while yet.

ChickeyCantor1832d ago

Flash AS3 is still far more a powerful framework than HTML5.

If you haven't worked with pure AS3 you can't really pass judgement.

rainslacker1832d ago

Wouldn't making flash available be up to adobe though? I love adobe products but it seems sometimes they disregard portions of the market when it comes to flash. I remember for the longest time you couldn't get a 64-bit version of flash. I'm actually genuinely curious and not trying to start anything.

Qrphe1832d ago

OH it's very critical. The only reason why my mobile browsing is done on my phone and not my Vita is precisely because of Flash.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1832d ago

***The fact that I can play a game and then move to the browser without exiting the game is amazing."***

Yeah that's a huge deal.

Stephen55431832d ago

Both the 3DS and Vita can browse the web while playing a game. That quality in and of itself is not a huge deal. It would be a joke if a console made in 2012 didn't allow you to do this.

Nonetheless, I will say that this is neat.

LOGICWINS1832d ago

Had no idea you could do that. Big deal indeed.

ElectricKaibutsu1832d ago

"When users pause a game and access the internet browser, the software will remember the paused game's name and prepopulate search queries with it to help users look for relevant information."

Nice touch

Muigi1832d ago

@Stephen5543 I have both the 3ds can play a game and move to browser...the vita forces you to close the running application i.e no more gameplay.

Stephen55431831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

@Muigi Ah, my fault. Bubbles for pointing that out. I just bought a Vita and assumed that it could do that since it was able to multi task with everything else.

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FinalomegaS1832d ago

ya it is a nice thing to have...

XB1_PS41832d ago

The Wii U gamepad is proving to be the best bet for multimedia. It's very versatile when it comes to things that aren't games. Now nintendo, let's see how you prove to me that it's worth having for games.

typikal821832d ago

How am I supposed to watch firstrowsports?

wishingW3L1832d ago

HTML5 is the future but the future is not now, flash is still pretty much the standard around the web.

CalvinKlein1832d ago

WiiU has penis AND vagina.

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