EB Games deny pulling Xbox 360 from shelves down under

It hasn't even been a full month into the new year, and Microsoft are amidst new Xbox 360 rumours. Yesterday, Kotaku AU reported on a transcript sent to them that EB Games Australia were threatening to drop its entire Xbox 360 range. The reason claimed was that Microsoft were refusing to take back faulty consoles, leaving Australia's largest games retailer to deal with the problems in-house.

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power of Green 3759d ago

Kotaku is more like a tabloid with goals and agenda's then a news site. I glade this is being cleaned up aswell as this site(N4G) seems like its going to be the greatest site ever as Most people thought before the Tabloidish handlings took over.

wageslave3759d ago

Yeah, even the title here is loaded with an inaccurate slant.

Saying they "deny" it implies that they are being dishonest.

Its like when you walk up to someone and say "Your house is filled with purple bananas!" and then you say "Uhm, no." the headline later reads:

"the power of green denies the purple bananas in his house".

Its just silly.

Shaka2K63759d ago

Maybe microsuck should think of making products that dont suck so much?

sticky doja3759d ago

I'm guessing you didn't actually read the article.

lawman11083758d ago

Then you belive Obama can become President !

mr_potato3759d ago

Agreed i dont like the RROD problem but this is plain bs.

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bootsielon3759d ago

Imagine, no Xbox 360 to be found on EB games australia...

wageslave3759d ago

Yeah, imagine.... imagine a retailer volunteering to get rid of the highest revenue product in his shop.

Yeah, wow. Who would ever think that...

robbo9183759d ago

Yet I have to ask Wageslave...highest revenue? Guess you meant DS, then Wii, then PS2, then PSP, then PS3 then OH yeah X360 (for the last 2 weeks, prior to that flip X360 and PS3 around week to week), since that is what sales show. Not sure how X360 is the highest revenue there???

Snukadaman3759d ago

if you add that together I think you got some high revenue.

AceLuby3758d ago

These guys are a USED retailer. They don't make $hit on new HW or SW. Their money is made through used games and systems. Any data on used attach rate would be necessary to make any comment on 'revenue' IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.