Weekly Sales Analysis, 8 September - Lost Heroes

PlayStation Vita sales drop back down, after last week’s spike due to the release of Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva in Japan. Hardware sales have dropped across the board week on week, with an average decrease of 14 percent. The 3DS continues to be the only platform up year on year. Overall hardware sales are down 38 percent year on year.

One game debuted in the top 30 this week. Lost Heroes (3DS) debuted at number 10 with sales of 31,939. Software milestones this week in the top 30: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) has passed the two million mark; and Guild Wars 2 (PC) has surpassed one million sold.

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YodaCracker2274d ago

Wow, look at those terrible hardware sales. PS3 and Wii down almost 60% over last year. Xbox 360 down 27%.

ChunkyLover532274d ago

We need new hardware, and software. These numbers are kinda sad.

etownthree2273d ago

Why o why doesn't the 360 have a price drop by now.