Tweets from the Nintendo 64 Launch

"Twitter was invented 9 1/2 years after the first Nintendo 64 washed up for sale on American shores. That was fortunate for the N64, because, as we re-learned last week, Twitter exists to vivisect any and all video game news—and to make it all seem rather crappy.
But what if people could Tweet about the Nintendo 64's launch? What remarkable insights could they cram into 140 characters?", writes Kotaku.

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Abash2281d ago

Nintendo fan: "SO cool they stuck with #cartridges, these will be used for GENERATIONS to come!!!"

Qrphe2281d ago

How can you have an anti-Nintendo article without the famous Nintenyearold term?

blue_cheese2281d ago

haha this was good, i just cant wait until the next Playstation and Xbox system are announced, twitter will explode lol.