Fable: The Journey - First Impressions ( - Fable is back. Not as a slightly-comical RPG; not as a cutesy hack-n-slash title, but as a Kinect-powered adventure, complete with spell casting, horse riding, and plenty of arm waving. Journey through Albion as the lead character Gabriel, wielding the magic gauntlets of power, which imbue you with abilities far beyond those of a mere mortal. I’ve spend a little while with my hands in those mittens of might, and here’s what I though.

Okay, so lets get one thing straight: This isn’t your Dad’s Fable. Well, I suppose it could be; I don’t actually know your Dad. The point is, this is a Kinect title through and through, not the RPG you may have hoped for. However, Lionhead seem to have pulled off the motion control concept a little better than other studios have managed so far.

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Dlacy13g2277d ago

I tried the demo at lunchtime...was honestly pleasantly surprised. BUT... I also felt that way after the Steel Battalion HA demo.

I could be tempted though to pick this up via the MS store. $49.99 price tag and you get 1600 MS points and a $10 credit on preorders and this game is on their list.

link: http://www.microsoftstore.c...