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When the first LittleBigPlanet game came out on the PS3 a few years ago, it opened doors for would-be video game developers thanks to its comprehensive “create-a-level” mode. LittleBigPlanet became so popular that it spawned a sequel and a PSP iteration that continued the game’s fun and accessible style of gameplay. Now that LittleBigPlanet has become a popular Sony franchise, what can the Vita version offer and what new things does it bring to the table?

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GribbleGrunger2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I think you can safely say that any site that now breaks this chain of great scores is going to discredit themselves immediately.

MattyG2280d ago

This is the first game I've seen not get anything under an 8 in a while.

Big_Mex2280d ago

Just picked this up earlier from gamestop and it is fucking awesome. If you have a ps vita definitely pick this up.

boybato2280d ago

this game alone, for those in a fringe of buying a vita, WOULD JUSTIFY your PURCHASE!!!!!!

jek72280d ago

im playing it right now. it is my first lbp game but i think that it is the best vita game right now! i hope ass creed vita and most wanted vita surpass or compete with the quality of this title