Top 10 Upcoming Games You Should Buy This Year


"2011 was the last big shebang of this generation, but that doesn’t mean that 2012 is a dying breath.

Across all franchises, platforms and genres, 2012 is a big year filled to the brim with quality titles.

In no particular order, here are ten upcoming games that you really should get this year."

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DeusExer2277d ago

One game I believe that should be on here is Far Cry 3.

Otherwise it's a good list. Halo 4 and Dishonored look promising.

cashrell11712277d ago

Playstation Allstars probably first, then Halo 4 ,

beerkeg2276d ago

I think more people are looking forward to Halo than All Stars.

mewhy322276d ago

Allstars before Halo4???? R U kidding? I hope so.

Beastforlifenoob2276d ago

Hitman is gonna hit me man. its a beast

gaminoz2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I'd have liked to see 007 Legends on the list, as it takes the best of the Bond films and makes an unashamed linear action shooter.

With Black Ops I was originally not interested, then I saw the trailer and was suddenly interested, but then have seen more video of it and am back to being disinterested. MOH looks like the better shooter so far.

A good list though, with games on many platforms.

Proeliator2277d ago

The Halo fan in me is doing backflips for Halo 4, and I'm also really excited for Dishonored.

An honorable mention should be PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. It may be a smash bros. clone, but that's why people will buy it.

BadCircuit2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Might be why they buy it, but it isn't why they SHOULD buy it.

Or is it? Actually I change my mind. I'm sick of Mario and co. and think a great fun fighting game like Super Smash but with Sony characters is going to be great.

I'd like to see a MS one too.

Bathyj2277d ago

I also wish to kill without being seen...

Bathyj2277d ago

I dont think I'll get RE6 or the Vita and WiiU titles but I'll get the rest.

And yeah, throw Farcry 3 and Boarderlands 2 in there for sure.

Hooshuwashu2277d ago

I think the lack of Borderlands 2 on that list is because is comes out this week, haha. it's kind of hard to ignore a game that big

Bathyj2277d ago

Recent Boardlands convert.

Started on the weekend and have played about 30 hours already. Level 24 character.

Boardlands 2 will be a Critical Hit.

BadCircuit2277d ago

I agree with Bathyj.

The fact that they are releasing prior to the big titles at the end of the year, coupled with word of mouth from those that have given the first one a try (probably after getting it later from the bargain bin), means this one should do great!

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