Dishonored: 5 reasons to be very, very excited

Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda have put a pretty penny on Dishonored, a bold and creative new IP about freedom, choice and morality, played through the eyes of an assassin in an alternate Victorian England. Billed as a first-person stealth action game, it lets you stop time, swordfight, and even possess the bodies of fish.

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ab5olut10n2276d ago

Gonna wait for the reviews. The hype train has run me over a time or two before.

Bigpappy2276d ago

Reviews have screwed me over more time than hype itself. I have learned to trust certain developers for certain types of games.
A game like this would need a good demo to give you a real sense of how it will play. But, you can also marvel at the choices and just hope that they play out as good as they look in the clips.
Most reviews just follow along with what the first big reviewer puts out there. Some of them don't even play the games.

Welshy2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Between the hype and issues Bethesda have with coding for PS3, i reckon i'll wait and see how this pans out first.

The game does look fantastic and i really want to play it, but i said the same about Skyrim too and look what happened. Granted it's a different team behind this, but every game i've purchased from Bethesda this gen is well known for it's bugs and i haven't heard anything to convince me otherwise about this title =/

supersonicjerry2276d ago

I said the same thing but since its made by a different company and just published by bethesda i'm getting it can't miss out on how fun this game looks. Its like with Bayonetta 2 its made by platinum games but published by nintendo.

vickers5002276d ago

Really looking forward to this one.

DivineAssault 2276d ago

Ya i wanna see the reviews too.. Looks to be good tho.. Is nintendo getting it?

PS4OUR2276d ago

Its Bethesda, and after the Skyrim PS3 fiasco. Do. Not. Want.

ab5olut10n2276d ago

They're just the publisher mate, no worries. Arkane is the dev.

markoghc2276d ago

Bethesda is only publishing this one, Arcane Studios are the developers.

MrAnderson2276d ago

Bethesda PUBLISH it, they do not MAKE it, why do people never understand these things?

Intentions2276d ago

-.- the gaming community never ceases to amaze me.

Parappa2276d ago

Buying it new means you're also giving the publisher money. The publisher is Bethesda so he does not want. It's definitely not worth giving money to Bethesda. If anything this will be a rental at best.

SCW19822276d ago

I understand your point but honestly if it's a great game you should support the hardworking team at Arkane

MrAnderson2276d ago

Stop being so butthurt, Bethesda are one of the best developers, yes, they fucked up on the ps3 version of Skyrim, WE GET IT, that doesn't change the fact they give mod kits for free with all the games they make, they release FREE high res texture packs and add mounted combat/new killcams and a bunch of other stuff also FOR FREE that they didn't have to.

get over it, Bethesda are great, you want to punish the entire team for the few that fucked up the PS3 version? grow up.

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mananimal2275d ago

Lmao, The isnt even out, its a new IP, so to say this game is for sure gonna Rock is foolish & juvenile in every sense. How many times has the gaming media fooled gamers with HYPE, screenshots, vids, etc...&'the game turns out to be a TURD, average, sometimes not even average or mediocre, but a TURD.

Ive been playn this Shooter genre since its "inception" almost (late 1980's), Ive played them all, PC/Console etc, Ive watched & studied "game marketing" over the years, & imo this game is all HYPE, mark my words.

Some in here giving "disagree's" to ANYONE who comments their "Reservations" towards this game, not even saying they think is for sure gonna suck, are nothing more than planted "company Shills" trying to headoff anyone who says ANYTHING even slighty viewed as negative abt this game. Thats a CLEAR SIGN, this game is MORE HYPE than actually good.

When this games drops, & doesnt live up to the HYPE & Marketing, these same
SHILLS who "disagree" with anyone who has reservations, will be no where
to be found, right back into the shadows, as they vanish from sight, & gamers left
with a $60 turd shooter after being "hoodwinked" again