Gamer Chat: What Classifies A Game As A shooter

Oog, Tony and myself discussed what makes a game a shooter at heart. Is Metal Gear Solid a shooter? Does the game require you to shoot to finish it? We went back and forth and here’s how it played out.

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caseh2282d ago

Genres are all over the place these days. Valkyria Chronicles is apparently a SRPG yet based on games like X-COM and Jagged Alliance (which were FAR more complex) it should be listed as a Turn-Based Strategy game.

Life was easier when it was just RPG, Action, Adventure, Platform, Puzzle, Fighting, Driving. None of this JRPGOMFGWTFLOL business.

RockmanII72281d ago

I consider a shooter a game where you use a projectile based weapon to advance through the game, in that regards I do consider Portal to be a FPS though obviously a non traditional one.

cyclonus0072281d ago

A game where you shoot things?

PopRocks3592281d ago

But you shoot things in Metroid...

cyclonus0072281d ago

I can't comment on that haven't played a Metroid since Super Metroid so I don't know how much the property has changed.

kma2k2281d ago

Infamous could technically be viewed as a TPS :)

ninjabake2281d ago

As could Uncharted but I think it fits the "action adventure" genre better.
Now a game like gears of war, that's pretty much a straight up TPS with little to no genre bending. And that's not a bad thing, its a terrific game series.

LordVonPS32281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

For me "a shooter" means a game which involves shooting. What more or less can it mean without specificity?

A FPS (First Person Shooter) seems pretty clear in being what it says on the tin. A "shoot-em-up" is also pretty well defined in gaming-lore...

Simple answer to the discussion / debate - be more specific if you mean to make a point, otherwise you may as well be trolling for the lulz.