Borderlands 2 Class Breakdown-Commando

TGH Writes: "The world of Pandora within Borderlands 2 is a big one and if you plan to take it on either alone or with friends it is best to find a class that fits you and your play style rather than go in guns blazing, unless of course that is your forte. The customization in Borderlands 2 has taken a leap in the right direction allowing every character to be unique not only in skills via their skill tree but also in look. There a tons of varying ways to customize the character and you can even rename them from their given name. Here is a breakdown of the Commando class aka, Axton."

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Dlacy13g2280d ago

Nice breakdown... man this game can't come fast enough.

Megaton2280d ago

My first class, already got the build ready. 6 hours until I'm playing this on Steam.

GTRrocker6662280d ago

Cant decide between commando and assassin

Pintheshadows2280d ago

I'm torn between all the classes. I think Gunzerker would suit my playstyle but I do like acting as a controller so I might go for Siren. I can't decide to be honest, and that can only be a good thing.

GTRrocker6662280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I like playing stealth but also with a game like borderlands it seems it might be less of a pain to just pick a gun class like commando with a turret.

I might do assassin then commando on my 2nd playthrough.

Tastynoodle2280d ago

Not my kind of class but a good bit of information to have nonetheless!