Saiyan Island: Naruto Storm – Top 5 Guest Characters We Dream to See

Saiyan Island lists five characters not from the Narutoverse they'd like to see in the Naruto Storm games.

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tayz2278d ago

i agree with all of these! specially the guy in the N4G pic! hehehehehe

prototypeknuckles2278d ago

Inuyasha-FUCK YEA
Natsu-sorry guys, i never heard of him
Ichigo-meh, rather have guts from berserk instead
Goku-ITS OVER 9000!!!!

tayz2278d ago

Natsu is from Fairy Tail! If you like DBZ, Naruto, etc you will love it! Naruto is the best btw, just saiyan!

prototypeknuckles2278d ago

Haha, JUST SAYAIN (you got that from DBA, i'll assume), and if fairy tale is just like those, then heck ill try it, THANKS.

Neo-Axl2278d ago

DBZ > Naruto. Any day, Any day whatsoever.

Shang-Long2278d ago

Fairy tail may be the funnest-action manga ive read in a while. and the archs are so good

ALICE6662278d ago

I think if they were to add guest characters it should be ones that suit they style and combat mechanics. Maybe ninja type chars form like DOA like Kasumi and Ayane would be more appropiate. But personally i wouldnt want any guest characters, just doesnt make sense to include them in a different world from where they come from.

hadouken1822278d ago

Put goku n vegeta in and this game sells out

DEATHxTHExKIDx2278d ago

Natsu's Awakened should be dragon force. Muigetsu is Overkill maybe a hollowfied cero. And Goku would tear everyone apart.
I was thinking maybe ryu Hyabusa, Blackstar from Soul eater, and Masamune Date or Yukimura Sanada from sengoku Basara.

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