Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wii U Preview [GameRevolution]

GR: For all the real MLG gamers answering the call or anyone who takes Call of Duty games seriously at all, what the Wii U offers may not be enough to get you to abandon your buddies playing on a console all of you already own. However, the fact that a Nintendo console not only has an on-par Call of Duty: Black Ops II experience, but also expands on it by offering Wii U Gamepad exclusive advantages is a major step in the right direction for a company that catered more to casual gamers with the Wii than they did to the gamers who actually spend money and buy the same game again and again. Zing!

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alexcosborn2278d ago

The GamePad features definitely have me interested.

taquito2278d ago

anyone serious about any fps would play it on pc, graphics, performance and control generations beyond any console, wii u included

chanmasta2278d ago

Well I play FPS games, as well as many other forms of games just to have fun, so I'll play anything on anything that is entertaining. PC controls for FPS games are of course superior to anything consumers cna acquire currently, but I'm getting this for the Wii U as it looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

wiiulee2278d ago

nintendo seem to have everything covered...i can't wait for the wiiu and the things that may be able to do with the gamepad in the future

shackdaddy2278d ago

I havent been too keen on COD lately, but the thought of playing this on the toilet with the gamepad definitely has me interested

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2278d ago


Just don't use voice chat.---

insertcoin2278d ago

I just hope the Wii U's capabilities can handle the graphics and online infrastructure.