Nintendo Land Preview [Game Revolution]

GR: When last we got our mitts on the Wii U “theme park” Nintendo Land, we weren’t particularly impressed with the handful of mini-games out of twelve promised that were available to toy around with at E3. But even then, we could see the value that Nintendo Land adds to the Wii U console as a pack-in title included in the Deluxe bundle.

But to add value to Nintendo Land itself, Nintendo has added in even more mini-games from the range of iconic Nintendo franchises like Metroid and Pikmin. At the Wii U Preview event in New York City, I went hands-on (and stylus-on) with four new mini-games in addition to the others we’ve already seen.

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alexcosborn2276d ago

I must admit, the more I see of this game, the more impressed I am.

ChunkyLover532276d ago

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the game is "fun". Its odd that so often this generation games have lost the fun factor. Preoccupied with graphics and little intricacies, developers have forgotten that games used to be simple, yet fun.

live2play2276d ago

nintendo just presented it horribly wrong at e3

ever since then people kept hating it

now looking at it, it looks to have more than any minigame compilation dreamed it could have

some attractions have full fledged levels and worlds

StrawHatPatriot2276d ago

Yes, I think graphics are what caused the lack of variety in this gen's games. It's either FPS, games with shooting involved, or try to be uber seious and/or realistic to a point in which they can be a little boring or stale sometimes. We really lacked games this gen they were based on a fantasy type world, completely different than this one. That's why you have so many retro gamers saying how they like games because they can find a place to get away from reality.

Like for instance, remember when Naughty Dog made Crash Bandicoot? compare that to Uncharted, which although is good, it shows you how game developers now seem to be taking advantage of the grapics we have now to make everything realistic, which, although isn't a problem, it's leaving out the imagination. You only find fantasy games like LoZ on the Wii. We lacked that on the PS3/360, even though both systems had some good games regardless.

NBT912276d ago

It's one of the best looking launch titles; looks like a staple introduction to the new console. As has been said; it's the new wii sports in that anyone who gets a wii u will eventually own this game.

dark-hollow2276d ago

It's also ironic how the pikmin mini game looks way much better than pikmin 3.

TheDarkness2276d ago

I would prefer ZombieU in the bundle.

insertcoin2276d ago

I think have various options in the bundle would be great too.