Wii U Special Episode: Is Nintendo’s New Console The Next Best Thing In Gaming?

The Wii U now has a price point, launch date and some really cool new features with a wealth of potential, but will this be enough for Nintendo to grab significant amounts of marketshare before Sony and Microsoft launch their upcoming new hybrid systems. While we are extremely excited about the systems November launch, some of us still need more convincing.

So, sit back and listen to your favorite gaming guru’s throw around all there is to know about the Wii U and how it will change your life.

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corrus2282d ago

Actually the NEXT BEST THING in gaming will be PS4 and XBOX720

PopRocks3592281d ago

Crystal ball much? You can't really make that assumption when neither console is even announced.

WiiUalpha2281d ago

Could be. Won't know for a while. I'm not one of those people that blindly thinks something is better because of the brand name it carries.

As long as the games are fun that is really all that matters.

Of course people that have no choice but to wait for someone to buy a console wont get to experience next gen until their mom or dad let them but as an adult who buys my own stuff I am excited to see what nintendo,MS, and Sony have for next gen.

You just wont see me on here proclaiming consoles that havent even been announced yet are better. You'd have to be pretty stupid to do that when nothing at all has been announced.

raWfodog2281d ago

I personally have no current interest in the WiiU but thats not to say that I will not become interested in it later on down the line. I'm sure that my kids will eventually be clamoring for me to get them one, at which point I'll probably look deeper into its offerings. That zombie game will probably pique my interest more than anything else...