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WipEout to be resurrected by Sony's Evolution Studio

Sony is to hand over the WipEout IP to UK developer Evolution Studios, MCV understands. The series appeared to have come to an end with the closure of fellow Sony studio and series creator Studio Liverpool last month. (Evolution Studios, Industry, PS3, WipEout)

NastyLeftHook0  +   1165d ago
...ok good

good devs, but i cant see that happening.
BitbyDeath  +   1165d ago
Liverpool staff had been moved into Evo studios so it makes sense.
sinncross  +   1165d ago
This is great... I think Sony restructing us going to be much better for them.

While it was awesome for them to have so many devs, I think they really need to build up certain devs (like they are doing it appears).

as long as Wipeout continues to be the same, I have no problem with this move. This does however seem to banish my dreams that Evo Studios will help Polyphony with the ralyl sections of GT6.

But who knows
BitbyDeath  +   1164d ago
Evos site is under maintenance right now as well.

smashcrashbash  +   1165d ago
I have been saying this for so long to deaf ears. Just because the studio shut down doesn't mean there will be no more Wipeout.
-Mika-  +   1165d ago
Yes but there might not be no more good Wipeout games. That why your comment has been falling on deaf ears.
smashcrashbash  +   1165d ago
MIGHT is the key word here. People always think because someone else takes over that automatically means that the series will suck. But Evolution is not exactly bad at making games and they might very well do a better job the Liverpool did. They might even take Wipeout to new heights. My point is what is it with people and premature negativity? See what they do first and then critize it. What is with the 'It will most probably suck' attitude? Despite popular belief Evolution's Motorstorm games were awesome.
ChronoJoe  +   1164d ago
No one has taken over, Studio Liverpools staff have been merged with Evolution before, then they separated to produce the latest Wipeout game. If they have been merged to evolution studio then I imagine they'll all find themselves in a familiar working environment, where they've been capable of producing good, big budget games before.
Sizzon  +   1165d ago
Good news, Evolution Studios did a great job on the Motorstorm series, let's see what they now can do with WipEout.

Still missing Studio Liverpool a bit tho.
Megaton  +   1165d ago
Motorstorm is a great series. Definitely curious to see what they do with a future racer.
Cajun Chicken  +   1165d ago
Evolution better had employed some Studio Liverpool key peeps. Never been impressed with Motorstorm.

MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1165d ago
Never been impressed with Motorstorm?

Axecution  +   1165d ago
He obviously hasn't played Apocalypse. Or Pacific Rift. Or the first one.
Or Arctic Edge.
Adolph Fitler  +   1165d ago
Yes Smashcrash, people are not dumb, they realise Sony may add another Wipeout game to the fray....Hell, it may even be a PS4 launch projected title if were lucky.

But the point is, when a studio that is passionate towards an IP that is there baby, is shut down, & development is handed over to someone else, it is probably a 30/70% bet out of our favor that the game will be as good as before. I mean, Wipeout2097 is THE BEST Wipeout game EVER, in terms of overall fun & playability, so already the changeover from Psynosis to Studio Liverpool has altered the games mass appeal & gameplay mechanics, so no doubt a new developer will also mean changes that may not neccessarily be for the better....and it is fact that many purists will no doubt not be happy.
Syphon Filter from PSone to PS2 & the shift in developers & such through Sony altered that games quality with the abysmal Omega Strain (I think it was), also, Destruction Derby went from glory, to crappy with PS1 to PS2 platform & developer shifts, & these are just the tip of the iceberg.

@Cajun Chicken......Damn dude, I thought I was the only Rollcage fan in the world....I have been dissapointed ever since PS1's life ended & we never saw another Rollcage after the 1st 2. I hung for a PS2 remake, but with Wipeout Evolution not delivering a ver fun, accessable, experience, as Wipeout & Wipout 2097 did, I thought, due to Sony's aquisition of Psygnosis & staff shifts that Rollcage PS2 would suck.....but I still wanted it.

And now we are near the end of another console cycle after PS2 with PS3 & 360, & still no Rollcage......Screw Rollcage HD collection, everyone is doing those, just make us a new, from the ground up built, PS3 version of Rollcage, with 16 player online play, with awesome new weapons, & such......made by great developers who love the series & hopefully worked on the original.

Now, that would be awesome.....I'll even settle for a showcase, PS4 launch title......Rollcage PS4 style would be phenominal if done with the original spirit intact. It needs to be done.

Bring back Rollcage, Medievil, Syphon Filter, Destruction Derby, & these along with a new Ratchet, Resistance (made by Insomniac), MGS, Motorstorm, & Unchartered as launch PS4 games, or even just announced & shown off for PS4 games in development would mean certain launch PS4 purchase for me.
Dno  +   1165d ago
slutface  +   1164d ago
memories omg!
IHateYouFanboys  +   1165d ago
oh goody, more rehashes of a 15 year old PS1 game.

just let wipeout die for at least a few years. its barely changed or improved in 15 years.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1164d ago
Well if you actually played each one instead of getting the "rumor" from the internet you would know they are all different.
PleaseBeSilentBob   1164d ago | Spam
yewles1  +   1165d ago
*sigh* People learn this NOW???

NiKK_419  +   1164d ago
Huh. I've never seen that. Makes a lot more sense.
R_aVe_N  +   1164d ago
The merger was a great move it puts two teams working closely together on game which make the developement time cut in half. It also give new eyes on project very wise move if you ask me.
Darth Stewie  +   1164d ago
I remember that which is why I was not surprised with the Liverpool shutdown since I assumed most of the employees and resources simply were relocated to Evolution studios.
Voiceofsoi  +   1164d ago
Hope they still make Motorstorm games though. Motorstorm is my favorite action racer ever, I know I'm a minority on that but it would be such a shame for such a great idea to disappear into gaming limbo.
VonBraunschweigg  +   1164d ago
WipEout HD and MotorStorm are 2 of my favourite PS3 games so this is good news, but I sure hope Evolution doesn't overhaul the true WipEout formula, so racing over shooting. Fusion did it the otherway around and it was the worst game of the series. 2097 was the best and with WipEout HD the series was back on track, the gameplay additions like double-tap and barrelroll fitted in perfectly with the original formula, it required splitsecond timing. Same with the new Zone mode, pure WipEout. Even the Eliminator mode, with shooting over racing, was still pure WipEout, and a lot of fun online.

I know a lot of Lunatics will disagree, but imo the MotorStorm series didn't get better over the years, the first one was the best. Slower but better, Apocalypse is only about boosting and topspeed, I miss negotiating tracks like Grizzly and Sidewinder Gulch. Shame the servers are offline:( Those were the days, if I wanted to ram somebody I needed to steer into him with all the risk, not just use a button.
So, with MotorStorm being all about speed nowadays and WipEout handed to Evolution one would say it's a great combo, but somehow I'm afraid that the new game will be like Fusion, that Evolution again will think they can improve a perfect formula. With MotorStorm they didn't. Hopefully the gamedirector will be part of the original Psychnosis/Liverpool staff.

Edit: site is updated, news might not be true, no comment from Sony. Way to treat a flagship franchise.
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jd666  +   1164d ago
Wish they'd bring The Getaway & Eight Days back!!!!!
Adolph Fitler  +   1164d ago
I agree jd666, those 2 games were crazy to cancel, especially The Getaway 3, as this was an already established, great selling ip.

I wish Evolution would be given the greenlight for a new Destruction Derby, Rollcage & Motorstorm for both PS3 & PS4. I would love a new MS on PS3, but not enough of us bought the last 2 (I have all 4, as I think it's THE BEST racing IP available today, after the demise of Burnout with Paradise & it's stupidly un-needed, open world).
The Mark Of Kri, Primal, Ghosthunter & other great games for PS consoles inhouse developers have all suffered poor sales, when they are awesome games & should have sold waaay more than they did, just like MS:PR & MS:A.

It's really crappy that awesome game franchises don't sell & great developers either go out of business because of people's dopey decisions to buy the same COD, BF, Maddens, Fifa's WWE's, etc, etc, over & over again.

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