Microsoft teases Killer Instinct XBLA release

OXM UK - "Microsoft could have an XBLA version - or even sequel - of classic fighting game Killer Instinct in the works, if a post on PlayXBLA is anything to go by."

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guitarded772195d ago

This is just some spin story off the MS renewing the trademark story. Typical around here. I wouldn't get too excited yet.

Kalowest2195d ago

True, but nothing wrong with having hope.

NastyLeftHook02195d ago

i loved the killer instinct games, i got the first one on my brand new snes (bundled) and bought gold with n64.

makemyteapunk2195d ago

Judging your posts after seeing your pic, everything falls into place....You look like you've got a real attitude problem.

NastyLeftHook02195d ago

atleast i post a pic of my self, where is your mug?

makemyteapunk2195d ago

Change it, i browse N4G when im eating my breakfast.

You can see my pic near Brad Pitts and Johnny Depps. Just google "makemyteapunk hot stuff" and you should find it.

AngelicIceDiamond2195d ago

After all these years MS finally gonna let Rare do there job. As usual with MS, better late than never.

GhostHero3332195d ago

Shut up and take my money!

Psychonaughty2195d ago

So many articles with comments hating on microsoft for not using Rares IP's but when it looks like they will be used of course all we get are mostly negative remarks...

BitbyDeath2195d ago

I didn't see any negative remarks up til your post. Where you lookin?

Psychonaughty2195d ago

Ok mostly cynical remarks then, I stand by what I said but I appreciate there are people being positive about it and I applaud them.

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The story is too old to be commented.